The location is the Darien River Waterfront Park, 1 Screven St, Darien, GA 31305. We recommend that you are at the dock 15 – 30 minutes before departure.

There is no parking in the drop off adjacent to the dock. You must go back up Screven St. and park on Broad St., Fort King George Rd, or on Walton St. Then it is short walk back down to the waterfront. You can easily access the stairs on either site of the Spartina restaurant. Our favorite is stairs between Spartina and Oaks on the River with the view of the ancient live oaks and tabby ruins.

A nice rule of thumb is “if you enjoyed your trip, leave a tip.”  This is not required, and we certainly will not chase you down the dock if you choose not to, but as with most hospitality related jobs, most of our crew’s wages come from tips. Monetary appreciation of our service is appreciated. Of course, if your reason for not tipping is because you did not enjoy the trip, we want to know that too and we want to know how we can make it right.

We do not allow glass on the boat. The only exception is the glass wine bottles during wine tours. The main reason for this is many charters, like beach excursions, have guests with bare feet and we do not want wayward shards of glass ruining someone’s otherwise perfect day.

Our cancelation policy is different for Public and Private Tours:

For Public Tours you'll need to cancel prior to 24-hours, or you will be charged for the tour.

For Private Tours you’ll need to cancel prior to 48-hours, or you will be charged for the tour.

If the captain feels that it will be UNSAFE to run (ie. thunder, lightning, or high winds), Georgia Tidewater Outfitters will cancel at no charge to you. We will contact you before your trip if the weather is going to be an issue. If you decide not to go due to light rain or hot/cold weather, you need to cancel 24-hours in advance for Public Tours or 48-hours in advance for Private Tours to avoid being charged.

You will receive an email and text message with boarding information and updates.

The boat is not handicap accessible. However, if you use a wheelchair but can walk onto the boat (one step up), we have no problem taking your wheelchair with us. There is a ramp that leads to the floating dock that can challenging at low tide. We have comfortable seats once you are on the boat. It is important to us that everyone enjoys the tours.

Yes, the boat is completely shaded. This is a must during the dog days of summer in coastal Georgia.

Although we will not prevent you from bringing kids on a Wine Tour, we feel the tour is better suited for older teens and adults.

We do not have a separate price for those not drinking wine.

Also, we reserve the right to check IDs.

Traveling light is always good advice, however, there are some items you may find useful.

  • For daytime tours, you may want to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat/visor, and sunscreen.
  • For cooler days and evenings, you may want to bring a light jacket or fleece. It is often much cooler on the water even in the summer.
  • For longer trips feel free to bring along a small cooler with drinks and water.
  • All required US Coast Guard – inspected safety gear including life preservers (PFDs) are on board.

Absolutely! The Delta Belle is available for private tours, with an adventure designed just for you. You can bring your own food, play your own music, and decide what you want to do. We can accommodate up to 24, but you can charter to boat for two of you. Contact Us to discuss the options.

We do not allow pets on our Public Tours. We are animal lovers too and understand it can be hard to leave your furry friend behind.

For Private Charters we ask that you let us know if you would like to bring a pet along.

Service animals are always welcome.

Please call ahead to let us know as it affects our capacity limit onboard.

Contact Us

Yes, we have a fully functioning toilet, or "head" for you Nautical Wheelers.

Although this is not a Disney Jungle Cruise where we can “cue the wildlife” the Altamaha is a very natural and wild place. If you want to see specific wildlife, we will suggest specific locations that have the highest chance of seeing the desired wildlife.

If you want to see shorebirds we will head east towards the beach.

If you want to see alligators we will head up river where the water is more fresh.

If you want to see the Altamaha-ha or "Altie" we suggest you Google it.


For Public Tours there must be 8 paid reservations to leave the dock (this takes in account what it costs to run a trip). Although it is rare, if the minimum is not met, we will contact you two hours before your scheduled tour to reschedule your reservation or you may request a full refund.

Great question. We want everyone to have fun on our trips.

For Public Wine Tours we will allow those that do not drink wine to bring beer along.

For Private Charters we are fine with you brining alcohol along with other beverages.

For all trips we ask that customers drink responsibly because boats are constantly moving and can be dangerous if you do not have your sea legs.

In Georgia, especially in the summer, the weather can change really quickly and be unpredictable at times. Our policy is, if there is a small craft advisory or lightning, we will cancel the tour. If your tour gets canceled, we will contact you as soon as the captain knows and you can reschedule or request a full refund.

All ticket sales are final and nonrefundable (but can be used at a later date if you wish). If you are looking to rebook your tour, please contact us within 24 hours of the trip.

Darien does not have a rush hour, or a traffic light for that matter, but we do encourage you to allow extra time to find parking and make your way to the boat. Public Tours leave on time, we are trying to make sure we keep people on time for dinner reservations or other activities they may have scheduled after the tour.

We would be happy to pick you up for a tour on Sapelo. Since it takes us time to get to Sapelo we will price an extra hour for each tour. If you want a two hour nature tour you will be billed for a three hour tour. Contact Us if you have questions.

Absolutely! We will work with you and the experts at Waterfront Wine and Gourmet to choose the exact wines you would like. We will adjust the booking rate based on the wines chosen.